Plan a “pretend” trip to North Carolina

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1. How much do you know about the geography of North Carolina?

2. What is the weather?

In this activity, you will learn about various towns, cities, and places of interest within our state by planning and taking a two-week road trip.

Step 1
Plan and map your route

On the Internet, research the geography of your state to help you identify places you might want to visit. For example, you can visit the official Web site of your state, use an online encyclopedia, use the Geography link on the Web site, or type locations in a search engine to help you identify the places that fit the lesson and interest you.

Make a list of the places you want to visit. Check to make sure that the locations you have entered include:

  • One or more major cities with populations of 1,000,000+
  • Two or more cities with population between 500,000 and 999,999
  • One or more minor cities with population of 100,000-499,999
  • One or more towns with population between 20,000 and 99,000
  • The state capital
  • Two or more other areas of geographical interest within the state. Look for places beyond the familiar tourist attractions, for example, an old growth forest, a historic site like an abandoned mining town, the geographic center, the highest peak, and so on. If you do choose a familiar attraction, research its history or try to find unusual information about it.

Open Bing maps ( Click the Route Planner icon on the bottom left of the page and then enter the locations you wish to visit and plan the route you wish to take.

On your route, calculate the miles between locations. You will need the number of miles between locations for your postcards.

Calculate how many hours and/or days you plan to stay at each location.

If you want, you can customize your map by using the My places editor to draw special route lines on your map, mark and color different areas (red for historical, green for natural, and so on), and so on.

Save your map and route plan.


Book Report #2

Posted On April 12, 2010

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Book:Pendragon the never war

The plot is that in the book the Hindenburg, a blimp from Germany, caught on fire and crashed.  In the book Bobby tries to prevent the crash but later figures out that if he does Germany gets the information to build the first atomic bomb and drop it on the US and England.
The weather was sunny most of the time but sometimes it was rainy.  On the day of the crash,March 6 1937, it was clear and sunny skys, just so everyone could hopefully see the Hindenburg arrive safely.
While Bobby and Spader are in 1937, they meet another traveler nicknamed Gunny.  Gunny works in the Manhattan Tower hotel in Manhattan, New York.  So while in 1937, Bobby and Spader get jobs working at the Manhattan Hotel with Gunny.  While working in the hotel, they meet a man by the name of Max Rose.  They find that Gunny is the one in charge of the bellhops there and choses Bobby to be the bellhop for Rose.  While delivering room service, Bobby find that Rose is doing work with the Germans.  Since Rose is doing work with the Germans, He’s getting paid with money, gold, jewels, paintings and more, all on the Hindenburg.  Gunny takes Bobby to third earth, 5010, where they find out the truth and decide to stop Rose and Spader from stoping the Hindenburg from crashing.  They win but just barely, Rose dies in the crash trying to get his payment.

Ad: Come get your picture of the Hindenburg crash on Google now!
The Hindenburg crashed on March 6,1937 near Lakehurst, New Jersey.  There was 97 people on the Hindenburg on March 6 1937 and sadly 35 people died on that day.

Book Report

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Book:Pendragon #2

  1. What did you think about going to Coral?
  2. How did you feel when you were being chased by the quig?
  3. What did you think of being a traveler after Durdrum?
  4. What did you think of Spader when you first met him?
  5. How did you know that Po Raider was Saint Daine when you first saw him?
  6. What did you think when you saw the crew of Mandrium dead ?
  7. What did you think of Farr when you first saw it and the Farrians?
  8. What do you think did the most damage to Coral, the food or Farr being under attack?
  9. What do you think would happen if Saint Daine had just given up?
  10. How did you feel when your Uncle Press died?

Why I should get a pet — 5 paragraph essay

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Pets are playful, lovable, fun with kids and can improve your mood.  Studies show that having a pet improve your mood and reduce stress.  Having a pet can teach a child responsibility, learn to care and nurture for others, live longer and happier and helps them learn to get active.  A pet can help around the house and with the little ones.  In this paper I will prove why I should get a pet.

First off, a pet can teach a child responsibility.  I’ve already shown responsibility by babysitting and helping out around the house.  Learning how to take care of a pet can teach me how to be more responsible.  I could feed it at the same time I feed the girls and walk it when I go for a walk around the neighborhood.  When we go on trips I could give it to someone who could take care of it while we’re gone.

Second, taking care of pets teaches people to care and nurture for others.  By taking care of a pet I could learn to play, be nice and care for others.  Studies have shown that people live longer and healthier lives while taking care of a pet.  By taking care of a pet I would be able to exercise more and eat healthier too.  By taking care of a pet, I would be able to learn to nurture and care for others as well as live a longer and healthier life.

Third, by taking care of a pet I would learn to get more active.  Like when I walk it I could ride my bike alongside it.  By taking it out I could get more exercise then by just walking it around the block.  By taking care of a pet I could learn to get active by playing sports like frisbee and catch.  I would be able to get active by taking care of a pet.

Those are some of the reasons why I should get a pet.  Taking care of a pet comes with many responsibilities like feeding it walking it taking it out and exercising it.  It also comes with many privileges like learning to be responsible, learning to nurture and care for others, living longer and healthier lives, getting more active and gaining a new best friend for life.  I love animals and have shown that I can be responsible.  In this essay I proved why I should get a pet and I hope you agree that I should get one.


Favorite Character

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Select your favorite character…My favorite character is Hermione Granger.

Write one paragraph for each personality trait. Each paragraph must explain and describe the personality trait.

Her first trait is that she’s resouceful.  She makes sure she has all the ingredents for potions class and does her homework on time.  She likes to take a lot of classes to make sure she’s smarter then most people.  When she does her homework befor Ron and Harry, they ask her to help or do it for them.
Her naxt trait is she’s a know it all.  Her best responce to almost everything is to go to the library.  In their 6th year Harry turned up with a torn old potions book that said it was the property of the half blood prince.Hermione looked in the library for anything remotely close to the half blood prince but found nothing.  They eventually find that out in book #7.
Another trait is that she likes to worry about animals.  She helped Hagrd take care of a baby dragon he called Norbert.  She and Harry even rescued Buckbeak from being killed.  In book #7 , when they broke out of the wizard bank they relesed a dragon from inprisonment.
Her last trait is she’s a trusted friend.  When Harry has these meetings with Dumbledore, he doesn’t have time to do his homework so Hermione does it for him.  When Ron gets poisened she stays by his side while he’s in the hospital wing.  When Harry trys to find anything about the sorcerers stone, she does all she can to help him.  Through all their years at Hogwarts, she’s been there to help them with their troubles and chear them on the quidditch pitch.

Answer these questions

What was your first impression of Hermione? Did it take you a while to warm up to her or have you never warmed up to her?
What do you think was Hermione’s first impression of Harry? Of Ron?  For my first impression of Hermione I thought that she would be nice and become Harry’s freind and it happened.  It took me a while to warm up to her but as the years went on, i liked her more and more.  I think that Hermiones first impression of Harry and Ron was pretty good for someone who didn’t know them.

Why do you think Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor? What Gryffindor characteristics does she exhibit in this book?  I think she was sorted into Gryffindor because she’s smart, loyal and hard working.  She gets better at being loyal throughout the book.

What weaknesses or vulnerabilities does Hermione show in this book?  She shows that her weaknesses or vulnerabilities are not getting her homework done on time and being called a mudblood.

Hermione is not at Hogwarts when Harry discovers the Mirror of Erised and shows it to Ron. What do you think the twelve-year-old Hermione would have seen in the Mirror had she been there?  I think that she would have seen herself getting the best grades posable.

When Harry and Ron become entangled in the Devil’s Snare Hermione has trouble thinking to use her bluebell flame spell to light a fire. Why do you think she couldn’t remember it? How does this compare to the time Harry was about to fall off his broom at the Quidditch match?  I think she couldn’t remember it because she didn’t want to get them hurt.  This compares to the time Harry was about to fall off his broom because she didn’t want him to fall and get hurt.

How do you think Hermione changes in this book? What lessons does she learn from her friendship with Harry and Ron?  I think she changes in the book by learning to help Harry and Ron in the toughest situations.  She learns that by working together you can get a lot more stuff done then when you do it by yourself.

Harry Potter: Hogwart Campus

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Just a paragraph (3 to 5 sentences). Find a picture to put on the website. Describe the hogwart campus and use this website

Create a Hogwarts Floor Plan

  • A floor plan is a diagram of one room, apartment, or entire floor of a building, usually drawn to scale
  • For a bird’s eye view explain that students will be drawing a map of Hogwarts as if they are looking at it from above.
  • Scale is the ratio between the size of something and a representation of it.


The Hogwarts campus is the school grounds and their surroundings.  The campus includes Hogwarts, Hogsmade, The Womping Willow, The Forbiden Forrest and The Lake.  Durring school hours the students are allowd to rome the campus except around the Womping Willow and the Forbiden Forrest.  Although Harry, Hermione and Ron go into the forrest many times and around the Womping Willow plenty of times.  The third years always have to remember to get their permision slip signed to go to Hogsmade, just ask Harry!  Not everyone will have fun of a year as Harry but they can have the best year they can anyway. 

Compare and Contrast

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The Cheetah

The Cheetah has sharp eyesight and raw speed that makes them a formidable hunter.  The cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal with speeds up to 60 mph.  These big and fast cats live in the grasslands in Africa and usually eat hares and antalope.  Females give birth to usually three cubs and stays with them for 1 1\2-2 years.They are vulnerable to being endengered but aren’t.They are usually up to 3.5-4.5 ft in size and are up to 77-143 lbs in weight.Their spots help them blend into the dried grass in the grasslands in Africa.

Both of these animals are in the cat family and the diffences are that the tiger has strips and the cheetah has spots.  They also live in different places, the Tiger lives in Russia and the Cheetah lives in Africa.  They both eat meat and they both live in groups or prides.  They both hunt and eat in groups.

The Tiger

The Siberian Tiger is one of the of the worlds largest cats.  The primarily live in eastern Russia’s birch forests but some exist in China and North Korea.  Females give birth to 2-6 cubs with little or no help from their mate.  The are an endengered specious because they’re hunted for furs.  Their size is up to 10.75 ft and their weight is up to 660 lbs


shoes description

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These converse star player tennis shoes are mostly gray with a white tip and a blue star in the center.  They don’t squeak when you walk and they’re comfy to run errands in.  They don’t wear thin when you’re playing sports.  They’re soft to the touch and make your feet feel good.

These Candie’s masha platform dress shoes come in a varriety of different colors including black and royal blue.  They have a strap that goes around the back and the front.  The open toe gives toes the room to breath.  The heel gives you an extra three inches in height. They may not be as comfortable for walking around in but, they’re perfect if you want a little extra height.

These Candie’s classy dress shoes are ether brown and blue or black and pink.  The high heel gives of a little extra height  but not a lot.  They have a little bit of an open toe.  It’s perfect for those classy school dances or just whenever.   They’re not the best shoes to walk around the block in but they’re allright.

These So Floral cutout cork flip-flops come in colors such as black and brown, brown and brown and white and brown.  The floral patterns run along the left side.  They’re perfect for walking on the beach but make a lot of noise especially when they’re wet.

These Totes floral rain boots are mainly white with multicolored flower patterns.  They have a very small heel that’s pink.  The top and bottom rims are also pink.  They also have a buckle on the left side of each boot and they’re tall.  They’re great for splashing in puddles and keeping you’re feet dry on a wet and rainy day. 

These Apt. 9 tailee dress heels are pink with ruffles and an open toe.  The heels give off a little extra height.  The heels are very skinny and pink like the rest of the shoe.  These are one of the shoes that are perfect for a great night out but not very good for walking around the block in.

Essay….My perfect day

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My perfect day would be where I could just lay on the wet, green,summer grass and read the perfect book .Reading is my #1 thing I do in my spare time,but reading under the blue,summer sky is even better.My perfect book would have to be something exciting & fun and the charactor would have to be adventerous,funny and NOT looking for trouble.If a book had all those things it would be the perfect book.The reason I say the summer grass or the summer sky is because summer is my favorite season.
Another part of my perfect day would be riding my bike on the bike trail & playing the wiifit.Riding my bike with my family would be part of my perfect day.Playing the wiifit would be part of it as well.Doing that stuff would my perfect day.

Essay Question

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Although Milo is the hero of the story, is he a remarkable character?

How typical is he of boys and girls today?

When I think of a hero,I think of Hercules,not Milo. Milo isn`t a typical boy because he doesn`t like sports,like to play with friends and he`s boring. In this essay I`m going to prove that Milo is a remarkable boy.

In the begining of the story,Milo thinks that nothing seems exciting.He soon finds out that you can make boring things into exciting ones if you just us your imagenation.Imagenation can make even the most boring things very exciting.After arriving in his room one day after school,he finds the tollbooth in a box with a label that read…FOR MILO,WHO HAS PLENTY OF TIME.Milo then starts building the tollbooth.He then uses his car and rides through the tollbooth to begin his journey.

Even though Milo doesn’t sound very exciting he gets better & better as the story goes on.Milo goes through some incredible chalenges,but works everything out as if nothing happened.As Milo’s journey goes on,he learns new things all the time.Meeting new people,facing new chalenges,those things teach Milo that not everything is as boring as it seems.Milo also learns that by using his imagenation & his smarts,he can solve almost every problem that comes his way.By using his imagenation & his smarts even his biggest problem can become his smallest worry.

In this essay I proved that Milo is a remarkable boy because he learns to use his imagenation.By using your imagenation anything is possible.

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