vocabulary in chapters 1-4 of The Phantom Tollbooth

Posted On February 22, 2010

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1. turnpike & tollbooth    A turnpike is a tollgate & a tollbooth is a booth where you collect tolls.

2. lethargic , expectation & doldrums     Lethargic means of,pertaining to,or affected with lethargy,drowsy,sluggish;expectation is the act or state of expecting & doldrums means a dull,listless,depressed mood,low spirits.

3&4. quagmire , flabbergast & upholstery    Quagmire means anything soft or flabby;flabbergast means to overcome with suprise and bewilderment,astound & upholstery means the materials used to cushion and covr furniture.


One Response to “vocabulary in chapters 1-4 of The Phantom Tollbooth”

  1. mackenzienc

    Hi Mackenzie… Will you write the definitions for those please

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