Start Recycling!

Posted On February 24, 2010

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When you recycle,you help keep the earth clean. The less you throw away, the less trash piles up in the landfills! When lumbers cut down trees,there are less places for animals like birds and other forest animals to live and the more trees that get cut down,the less oxygen we have to breathe. ┬áIn schools,they don`t have recycling bins so they can recycle. An easy and fun way to change that is to have a contest. See which class can make the coolest bin. Recycling is important because it saves natural resources,energy,clean air and water,landfill space,money and creates jobs. By making products from recycled materials instead of new ones,we save trees and reduce the need to dig for minerals. It takes less energy to make products form recycled materials then from new ones. Making containers and products from recycled materials reduces acid rain,air pollution and global warming. When recycled materials go into new products,they don`t go into landfills,so landfill space is filled. Also it reduces fees that companies have to pay to dump trash in the landfill. Recycling is often the cheapest way for cities to get rid of their waste,and the recycling process creates far more jobs then operating landfills or incinerators. Recycling expert Buckley Knok said,”When you recycle,you make the air cleaner and the water fresher for everyone on the planet.”


One Response to “Start Recycling!”

  1. Debbie Cluff

    WOW!!! What are you going to do now to help recycling in your home??

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