Dogs in Alaska Essay

Posted On March 9, 2010

Filed under Dogs

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The dogs in Alaska have lots of fur & are willing to work.

It`s importent for dogs in Alaska to have diffeent types of fur depending on the breed.Having lots of fur keeps then warm in the harsh winters.Their undercoat prevents a buildup of ice & snow & scientists hav found that dog fur reveals Mercury pllution.

Dogs in Alaska are naturally bred to be willing to work & enjoy it.The dogs there are bred for sports & are trained when puppys.Sled dogs have indurence & speed so they can travel far & sled dogs are athletic & love to run.

My favorite dogs in Alaska are the Alaskan Malumute & the Siberian Husky.Alaskan Malumutes are bred to enjoy the cold weather and rarelly like the warm.Siberian Huskies lik cold & warm weather equally.The reason those dogs are my favorite ones inAlaska is because I love the white mixed with black,brown or brown-orange.

Those dogs in Alaska have good fu for winter climates,willing to work & are my favorite dogs.


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