Descriptive Writing Activity

Posted On March 10, 2010

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Who doesn’t love cookies? Use cookies to  write a good descriptive paragraph. This is a lesson to practice writing descriptive paragraphs.

You will need a plate of cookies. On each plate, there needs to be six cookies. The cookies should be somewhat similar in shape and size. For example, there could be a mix of homemade and store bought cookies. The types could be chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, oatmeal raisin cookies, etc. It is important that each plate has exactly the same number of cookies and type of cookies.

Students will be eating the cookies, so food allergies need to be known in advance.

Team Directions and “Rules”

You will need to choose a different cookie on the plate and then describes the selected cookie well enough so that a your mom can connect the right cookie with the written description.

After a set time or when the cookies are eaten, the left-over cookies need to be whisked away.

Write a Good Description

Each student needs to write a description of the chosen cookie. The writer needs to add enough description so that another person can guess which cookie was chosen. The paragraph should have a topic sentence, three to five detail sentences and a conclusion.

  1. Thick brown layer of dark chocolateon top,middle layer brown milk chocolate,bottom layer tan wafer,diagonal pattern on bottom,stamped on top with logo,crisp cookie-first class dark bahlsen cookie.
  2. White frosted hard cookie,animal shaped,multicolored sprinkles,no chocolate-animal cookie.
  3. Crisp tan cookie with chocolate chips,inbeetwen circle & square shaped-chocolate chip sugar cookie.
  4. Crisp brown milk chocolate cookie,circle shaped,smells like peanut butter-keebler,fudge shoppe,peanut butter filled.
  5. Crisp,square shaped,tan cookie,patterned on bottom,logo printed on top,flower like symbols on top,no chocolate,can’t melt-lorna doome shortbread cookie.

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