Phantom Tollbooth: Chapter 7

Posted On March 10, 2010

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Chapter 7 is just one chapter that is rich in idioms. Here are a few that can be found in that chapter alone:

how time flies…Time flies when your doing somthing.

splitting hairs…the minister splits hairs.

make hay while the sun shines…I told you to make hay while the sun shines.

leave no stone unturned…I told you to leave no stone unturned.

eat my words…When i don`t say something i want to, i eat my words.

in one ear and out the other…The things i hear go in one ear and out the other.

bite off more than you can chew…I bit of more than i can chew.

a square meal…Today i had a square meal.

Do you know what those mean? Try to make up a sentence using each idiom above correctly. List all Idioms you can find…I found…how time flies,make mountians out of moleholes,splits hairs,makes hay while the sun shines,leaves no stone unturned,eat my words,not to bite of more then you can chew,in one ear and out the other,if it isn`t one thing it`s another,out of the friying pan and into the fire,you don`t have to bite my head off.

Now you are ready to practice what you’ve learned about idioms. Try these activities:

I Really Meant

For this activity you will need your list of idioms from The Phantom Tollbooth that you made above, a 12″x18″ piece of construction paper, and some art supplies.

Begin by folding the paper into thirds and label each third as follows.

The first section should be labeled “When I said…”

The second section should be labeled “I did not mean…”

The third section should be labeled “I meant…”

Now, choose an idiom and write it in the first section. For example, “When I said a square meal

In the second section draw the literal – or the real meaning of that phrase – in this case an actual square meal on a square plate with square food and a square glass.

In the third section draw that figurative meaning – in this case a square meal is a balanced meal – and the picture should illustrate that.

Make other posters for other idioms and discuss the “What I said/What I meant” meanings with your parent.

Paint by Idioms

Here is a great way to reinforce idioms. This game can be played online and it has several levels and categories:

Idiom Worksheet

Complete this idiom review worksheet.

Directions: Write the meanings of these frequently used idioms:

1. catch a cold _become sick with a cold.________________________

2. see eye to eye_to agree with someone about someone or something_______________________

3. under the weather__out of sorts___________________

4. stuffed to the gills__full up___________________

5. out of the frying pan and into the fire__out of he frying pan and into the fire______

6. slow boat to China__slowmoving___________________

7. nose to the grindstone__very close_________________

8. on pins and needles__very sharp___________________

9. fly off the handle__come of_____________________

10. toot your own horn__blow___________________

11. pie in the sky__something up there________________________

12. head in the sand__underground______________________

13. lay down the law__put up rules_____________________

14. born yesterday__something you remember from looking a something________________________

15. feel like a million__feels like alot______________________

16. just what the doctor ordered__something your suposed to do______________

17. hold your horses_slow down________________________

18. cat has your tongue__don`t know what to say_____________________

19. going bananas__going crazy _________________________

20. bury the hatchet__cover up________________________

Now that you are good at using idioms, keep an eye out for more as you continue reading The Phantom Tollbooth.


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