Quiz: Phantom Tollbooth

Posted On March 10, 2010

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Who is the first person Milo meets in the Lands Beyond?a.

(A) The Spelling Bee
(B) King Azaz
(C) The Whether Man
(D) The Mathemagician

How does Milo get out of the Doldrums?a.

(A) Uses his imagination
(B) Tricks the Lethargians
(C) Wishes on a falling star
(D) Runs real fast

Who sent Milo the tollbooth?d.

(A) King Azaz
(B) The Mathemagican
(C) Faintly Macabre
(D) Nobody knows

Why did Azaz and the Mathemagician banish Rhyme and Reason?c.

(A) Because they tried to take over the kingdom
(B) Because they stole from the numbers mine
(C) Because they said letters and numbers were equally important
(D) Because they were demons in disguise

Who keeps Dynne in a bottle?b.

(A) Chroma
(B) Dr. Dischord
(C) Alec Bings
(D) The Humbug

What sort of music does Chroma’s orchestra play?d.

(A) Mozart
(B) Brahms
(C) Bach
(D) They don’t play music at all.

Why does the Soundkeeper lock all the sounds up in her vault?a.

(A) She thinks people don’t appreciate them.
(B) She is greedy.
(C) She hates sounds.
(D) She thinks that sounds should not be shared.

What does the Mathemagician give Milo as a gift?a.

(A) The longest number there is
(B) A small version of his own magic staff
(C) The Dodecahedron
(D) A math headache

Why does Milo mistake the Gelatinous Giant for a mountain?c.

(A) Because he’s made of stone
(B) Because he has snow on his head
(C) Because the giant tries to blend in with his surroundings
(D) Because his middle name is “Everest”

How many years is Milo’s prison sentence from Officer Shrift?d.

(A) six
(B) sixty
(C) 600
(D) 6,000,000

How do Milo, Tock, and the Humbug get off the island of Conclusions?a.

(A) By swimming through the Sea of Knowledge
(B) By walking across the Brainy Bridge
(C) By wading on the Sand Bar of Smarts
(D) By riding on the Waterskis of Wisdom

Why does the Humbug accompany Milo and Tock on their quest to save Rhyme and Reason?d.

(A) He tries to take credit for the idea.
(B) He shamelessly sucks up to King Azaz.
(C) He takes both sides in the argument about whether it could be done.
(D) All of the above

How did Faintly Macabre end up in prison?c.

(A) She made fun of Officer Shrift’s weight problem.
(B) She stole from the word market.
(C) She began to horde all of the words in Dictionopolis.
(D) She kidnapped Rhyme and Reason.

Why does Alec Bings float?b.

(A) He ate too much subtraction stew.
(B) He thinks like and has the perspective of a grown-up.
(C) He got caught on one of the Whether Man’s balloons.
(D) He lives in the Castle in the Air.

Where does Milo meet Tock?c.

(A) Expectations
(B) Dictionopolis
(C) The Doldrums
(D) Conclusions

How does Milo get a sound out of the Soundkeeper’s fortress?b.

(A) In his pocket
(B) On the tip of his tongue
(C) In his ear
(D) Under his hat

How do Milo, Tock, and the Humbug escape the Terrible Trivium?a.

(A) Milo figures out how long the tasks will take.
(B) Tock sticks him with his eyedropper.
(C) The Humbug bores him to sleep with talk of history.
(D) Officer Shrift drops from the sky and crushes him.

What is the one thing the Senses Taker can’t get from Milo?d.

(A) Sense of direction
(B) Sense of smell
(C) Nonsense
(D) Sense of humor

How is it that Tock can fly?b.

(A) He has wings.
(B) Time flies.
(C) He’s related to Alec Bings.
(D) Everyone can fly in the Lands Beyond.

How much times passes in the real world while Milo is off in the Lands Beyond?d.

(A) A day
(B) A year
(C) A lifetime
(D) A few of hours

Why didn’t Azaz tell Milo his mission was impossible?c.

(A) For a chuckle
(B) Because Azaz is in the CIA
(C) Because Milo only could have accomplished it if he didn’t know it was impossible
(D) Because Azaz enjoys watching little boys fail miserably in life

When does Milo plan to make his second trip to the Lands Beyond?d.

  (A)the next day.
B)the next week.
C)the next month.
D)when he starts to appreciate things in the real world.

what is the biggest number the mathemagition has?(D)

(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4

How does Milo overcome his fear of the Demon of Insincerity?c.

(A) He uses his telescope to see the Demon for what he really is.
(B) He gets a pep-talk from the Humbug.
(C) He thinks of how important his mission is.
(D) He goes into therapy.

What gift does the Soundkeeper give Milo?c.

(A) The tune George Washington whistled while crossing the Delaware
(B) The sound of one hand clapping
(C) The sound of silence
(D) A parcel of beautiful sounds with lots of laughter mixed in

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