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Posted On March 11, 2010

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Although Milo is the hero of the story, is he a remarkable character?

How typical is he of boys and girls today?

When I think of a hero,I think of Hercules,not Milo. Milo isn`t a typical boy because he doesn`t like sports,like to play with friends and he`s boring. In this essay I`m going to prove that Milo is a remarkable boy.

In the begining of the story,Milo thinks that nothing seems exciting.He soon finds out that you can make boring things into exciting ones if you just us your imagenation.Imagenation can make even the most boring things very exciting.After arriving in his room one day after school,he finds the tollbooth in a box with a label that read…FOR MILO,WHO HAS PLENTY OF TIME.Milo then starts building the tollbooth.He then uses his car and rides through the tollbooth to begin his journey.

Even though Milo doesn’t sound very exciting he gets better & better as the story goes on.Milo goes through some incredible chalenges,but works everything out as if nothing happened.As Milo’s journey goes on,he learns new things all the time.Meeting new people,facing new chalenges,those things teach Milo that not everything is as boring as it seems.Milo also learns that by using his imagenation & his smarts,he can solve almost every problem that comes his way.By using his imagenation & his smarts even his biggest problem can become his smallest worry.

In this essay I proved that Milo is a remarkable boy because he learns to use his imagenation.By using your imagenation anything is possible.


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