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Posted On March 12, 2010

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These converse star player tennis shoes are mostly gray with a white tip and a blue star in the center.  They don’t squeak when you walk and they’re comfy to run errands in.  They don’t wear thin when you’re playing sports.  They’re soft to the touch and make your feet feel good.

These Candie’s masha platform dress shoes come in a varriety of different colors including black and royal blue.  They have a strap that goes around the back and the front.  The open toe gives toes the room to breath.  The heel gives you an extra three inches in height. They may not be as comfortable for walking around in but, they’re perfect if you want a little extra height.

These Candie’s classy dress shoes are ether brown and blue or black and pink.  The high heel gives of a little extra height  but not a lot.  They have a little bit of an open toe.  It’s perfect for those classy school dances or just whenever.   They’re not the best shoes to walk around the block in but they’re allright.

These So Floral cutout cork flip-flops come in colors such as black and brown, brown and brown and white and brown.  The floral patterns run along the left side.  They’re perfect for walking on the beach but make a lot of noise especially when they’re wet.

These Totes floral rain boots are mainly white with multicolored flower patterns.  They have a very small heel that’s pink.  The top and bottom rims are also pink.  They also have a buckle on the left side of each boot and they’re tall.  They’re great for splashing in puddles and keeping you’re feet dry on a wet and rainy day. 

These Apt. 9 tailee dress heels are pink with ruffles and an open toe.  The heels give off a little extra height.  The heels are very skinny and pink like the rest of the shoe.  These are one of the shoes that are perfect for a great night out but not very good for walking around the block in.


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