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Posted On March 19, 2010

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Select your favorite character…My favorite character is Hermione Granger.

Write one paragraph for each personality trait. Each paragraph must explain and describe the personality trait.

Her first trait is that she’s resouceful.  She makes sure she has all the ingredents for potions class and does her homework on time.  She likes to take a lot of classes to make sure she’s smarter then most people.  When she does her homework befor Ron and Harry, they ask her to help or do it for them.
Her naxt trait is she’s a know it all.  Her best responce to almost everything is to go to the library.  In their 6th year Harry turned up with a torn old potions book that said it was the property of the half blood prince.Hermione looked in the library for anything remotely close to the half blood prince but found nothing.  They eventually find that out in book #7.
Another trait is that she likes to worry about animals.  She helped Hagrd take care of a baby dragon he called Norbert.  She and Harry even rescued Buckbeak from being killed.  In book #7 , when they broke out of the wizard bank they relesed a dragon from inprisonment.
Her last trait is she’s a trusted friend.  When Harry has these meetings with Dumbledore, he doesn’t have time to do his homework so Hermione does it for him.  When Ron gets poisened she stays by his side while he’s in the hospital wing.  When Harry trys to find anything about the sorcerers stone, she does all she can to help him.  Through all their years at Hogwarts, she’s been there to help them with their troubles and chear them on the quidditch pitch.

Answer these questions

What was your first impression of Hermione? Did it take you a while to warm up to her or have you never warmed up to her?
What do you think was Hermione’s first impression of Harry? Of Ron?  For my first impression of Hermione I thought that she would be nice and become Harry’s freind and it happened.  It took me a while to warm up to her but as the years went on, i liked her more and more.  I think that Hermiones first impression of Harry and Ron was pretty good for someone who didn’t know them.

Why do you think Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor? What Gryffindor characteristics does she exhibit in this book?  I think she was sorted into Gryffindor because she’s smart, loyal and hard working.  She gets better at being loyal throughout the book.

What weaknesses or vulnerabilities does Hermione show in this book?  She shows that her weaknesses or vulnerabilities are not getting her homework done on time and being called a mudblood.

Hermione is not at Hogwarts when Harry discovers the Mirror of Erised and shows it to Ron. What do you think the twelve-year-old Hermione would have seen in the Mirror had she been there?  I think that she would have seen herself getting the best grades posable.

When Harry and Ron become entangled in the Devil’s Snare Hermione has trouble thinking to use her bluebell flame spell to light a fire. Why do you think she couldn’t remember it? How does this compare to the time Harry was about to fall off his broom at the Quidditch match?  I think she couldn’t remember it because she didn’t want to get them hurt.  This compares to the time Harry was about to fall off his broom because she didn’t want him to fall and get hurt.

How do you think Hermione changes in this book? What lessons does she learn from her friendship with Harry and Ron?  I think she changes in the book by learning to help Harry and Ron in the toughest situations.  She learns that by working together you can get a lot more stuff done then when you do it by yourself.


One Response to “Favorite Character”

  1. Aunt Danielle

    Hermione is my favorite too! I think you are right about her compassion for animals.

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