Book Report #2

Posted On April 12, 2010

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Book:Pendragon the never war

The plot is that in the book the Hindenburg, a blimp from Germany, caught on fire and crashed.  In the book Bobby tries to prevent the crash but later figures out that if he does Germany gets the information to build the first atomic bomb and drop it on the US and England.
The weather was sunny most of the time but sometimes it was rainy.  On the day of the crash,March 6 1937, it was clear and sunny skys, just so everyone could hopefully see the Hindenburg arrive safely.
While Bobby and Spader are in 1937, they meet another traveler nicknamed Gunny.  Gunny works in the Manhattan Tower hotel in Manhattan, New York.  So while in 1937, Bobby and Spader get jobs working at the Manhattan Hotel with Gunny.  While working in the hotel, they meet a man by the name of Max Rose.  They find that Gunny is the one in charge of the bellhops there and choses Bobby to be the bellhop for Rose.  While delivering room service, Bobby find that Rose is doing work with the Germans.  Since Rose is doing work with the Germans, He’s getting paid with money, gold, jewels, paintings and more, all on the Hindenburg.  Gunny takes Bobby to third earth, 5010, where they find out the truth and decide to stop Rose and Spader from stoping the Hindenburg from crashing.  They win but just barely, Rose dies in the crash trying to get his payment.

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The Hindenburg crashed on March 6,1937 near Lakehurst, New Jersey.  There was 97 people on the Hindenburg on March 6 1937 and sadly 35 people died on that day.


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