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Although Milo is the hero of the story, is he a remarkable character?

How typical is he of boys and girls today?

When I think of a hero,I think of Hercules,not Milo. Milo isn`t a typical boy because he doesn`t like sports,like to play with friends and he`s boring. In this essay I`m going to prove that Milo is a remarkable boy.

In the begining of the story,Milo thinks that nothing seems exciting.He soon finds out that you can make boring things into exciting ones if you just us your imagenation.Imagenation can make even the most boring things very exciting.After arriving in his room one day after school,he finds the tollbooth in a box with a label that read…FOR MILO,WHO HAS PLENTY OF TIME.Milo then starts building the tollbooth.He then uses his car and rides through the tollbooth to begin his journey.

Even though Milo doesn’t sound very exciting he gets better & better as the story goes on.Milo goes through some incredible chalenges,but works everything out as if nothing happened.As Milo’s journey goes on,he learns new things all the time.Meeting new people,facing new chalenges,those things teach Milo that not everything is as boring as it seems.Milo also learns that by using his imagenation & his smarts,he can solve almost every problem that comes his way.By using his imagenation & his smarts even his biggest problem can become his smallest worry.

In this essay I proved that Milo is a remarkable boy because he learns to use his imagenation.By using your imagenation anything is possible.


Quiz: Phantom Tollbooth

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Who is the first person Milo meets in the Lands Beyond?a.

(A) The Spelling Bee
(B) King Azaz
(C) The Whether Man
(D) The Mathemagician

How does Milo get out of the Doldrums?a.

(A) Uses his imagination
(B) Tricks the Lethargians
(C) Wishes on a falling star
(D) Runs real fast

Who sent Milo the tollbooth?d.

(A) King Azaz
(B) The Mathemagican
(C) Faintly Macabre
(D) Nobody knows

Why did Azaz and the Mathemagician banish Rhyme and Reason?c.

(A) Because they tried to take over the kingdom
(B) Because they stole from the numbers mine
(C) Because they said letters and numbers were equally important
(D) Because they were demons in disguise

Who keeps Dynne in a bottle?b.

(A) Chroma
(B) Dr. Dischord
(C) Alec Bings
(D) The Humbug

What sort of music does Chroma’s orchestra play?d.

(A) Mozart
(B) Brahms
(C) Bach
(D) They don’t play music at all.

Why does the Soundkeeper lock all the sounds up in her vault?a.

(A) She thinks people don’t appreciate them.
(B) She is greedy.
(C) She hates sounds.
(D) She thinks that sounds should not be shared.

What does the Mathemagician give Milo as a gift?a.

(A) The longest number there is
(B) A small version of his own magic staff
(C) The Dodecahedron
(D) A math headache

Why does Milo mistake the Gelatinous Giant for a mountain?c.

(A) Because he’s made of stone
(B) Because he has snow on his head
(C) Because the giant tries to blend in with his surroundings
(D) Because his middle name is “Everest”

How many years is Milo’s prison sentence from Officer Shrift?d.

(A) six
(B) sixty
(C) 600
(D) 6,000,000

How do Milo, Tock, and the Humbug get off the island of Conclusions?a.

(A) By swimming through the Sea of Knowledge
(B) By walking across the Brainy Bridge
(C) By wading on the Sand Bar of Smarts
(D) By riding on the Waterskis of Wisdom

Why does the Humbug accompany Milo and Tock on their quest to save Rhyme and Reason?d.

(A) He tries to take credit for the idea.
(B) He shamelessly sucks up to King Azaz.
(C) He takes both sides in the argument about whether it could be done.
(D) All of the above

How did Faintly Macabre end up in prison?c.

(A) She made fun of Officer Shrift’s weight problem.
(B) She stole from the word market.
(C) She began to horde all of the words in Dictionopolis.
(D) She kidnapped Rhyme and Reason.

Why does Alec Bings float?b.

(A) He ate too much subtraction stew.
(B) He thinks like and has the perspective of a grown-up.
(C) He got caught on one of the Whether Man’s balloons.
(D) He lives in the Castle in the Air.

Where does Milo meet Tock?c.

(A) Expectations
(B) Dictionopolis
(C) The Doldrums
(D) Conclusions

How does Milo get a sound out of the Soundkeeper’s fortress?b.

(A) In his pocket
(B) On the tip of his tongue
(C) In his ear
(D) Under his hat

How do Milo, Tock, and the Humbug escape the Terrible Trivium?a.

(A) Milo figures out how long the tasks will take.
(B) Tock sticks him with his eyedropper.
(C) The Humbug bores him to sleep with talk of history.
(D) Officer Shrift drops from the sky and crushes him.

What is the one thing the Senses Taker can’t get from Milo?d.

(A) Sense of direction
(B) Sense of smell
(C) Nonsense
(D) Sense of humor

How is it that Tock can fly?b.

(A) He has wings.
(B) Time flies.
(C) He’s related to Alec Bings.
(D) Everyone can fly in the Lands Beyond.

How much times passes in the real world while Milo is off in the Lands Beyond?d.

(A) A day
(B) A year
(C) A lifetime
(D) A few of hours

Why didn’t Azaz tell Milo his mission was impossible?c.

(A) For a chuckle
(B) Because Azaz is in the CIA
(C) Because Milo only could have accomplished it if he didn’t know it was impossible
(D) Because Azaz enjoys watching little boys fail miserably in life

When does Milo plan to make his second trip to the Lands Beyond?d.

  (A)the next day.
B)the next week.
C)the next month.
D)when he starts to appreciate things in the real world.

what is the biggest number the mathemagition has?(D)

(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4

How does Milo overcome his fear of the Demon of Insincerity?c.

(A) He uses his telescope to see the Demon for what he really is.
(B) He gets a pep-talk from the Humbug.
(C) He thinks of how important his mission is.
(D) He goes into therapy.

What gift does the Soundkeeper give Milo?c.

(A) The tune George Washington whistled while crossing the Delaware
(B) The sound of one hand clapping
(C) The sound of silence
(D) A parcel of beautiful sounds with lots of laughter mixed in

Phantom Tollbooth: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 is just one chapter that is rich in idioms. Here are a few that can be found in that chapter alone:

how time flies…Time flies when your doing somthing.

splitting hairs…the minister splits hairs.

make hay while the sun shines…I told you to make hay while the sun shines.

leave no stone unturned…I told you to leave no stone unturned.

eat my words…When i don`t say something i want to, i eat my words.

in one ear and out the other…The things i hear go in one ear and out the other.

bite off more than you can chew…I bit of more than i can chew.

a square meal…Today i had a square meal.

Do you know what those mean? Try to make up a sentence using each idiom above correctly. List all Idioms you can find…I found…how time flies,make mountians out of moleholes,splits hairs,makes hay while the sun shines,leaves no stone unturned,eat my words,not to bite of more then you can chew,in one ear and out the other,if it isn`t one thing it`s another,out of the friying pan and into the fire,you don`t have to bite my head off.

Now you are ready to practice what you’ve learned about idioms. Try these activities:

I Really Meant

For this activity you will need your list of idioms from The Phantom Tollbooth that you made above, a 12″x18″ piece of construction paper, and some art supplies.

Begin by folding the paper into thirds and label each third as follows.

The first section should be labeled “When I said…”

The second section should be labeled “I did not mean…”

The third section should be labeled “I meant…”

Now, choose an idiom and write it in the first section. For example, “When I said a square meal

In the second section draw the literal – or the real meaning of that phrase – in this case an actual square meal on a square plate with square food and a square glass.

In the third section draw that figurative meaning – in this case a square meal is a balanced meal – and the picture should illustrate that.

Make other posters for other idioms and discuss the “What I said/What I meant” meanings with your parent.

Paint by Idioms

Here is a great way to reinforce idioms. This game can be played online and it has several levels and categories:

Idiom Worksheet

Complete this idiom review worksheet.

Directions: Write the meanings of these frequently used idioms:

1. catch a cold _become sick with a cold.________________________

2. see eye to eye_to agree with someone about someone or something_______________________

3. under the weather__out of sorts___________________

4. stuffed to the gills__full up___________________

5. out of the frying pan and into the fire__out of he frying pan and into the fire______

6. slow boat to China__slowmoving___________________

7. nose to the grindstone__very close_________________

8. on pins and needles__very sharp___________________

9. fly off the handle__come of_____________________

10. toot your own horn__blow___________________

11. pie in the sky__something up there________________________

12. head in the sand__underground______________________

13. lay down the law__put up rules_____________________

14. born yesterday__something you remember from looking a something________________________

15. feel like a million__feels like alot______________________

16. just what the doctor ordered__something your suposed to do______________

17. hold your horses_slow down________________________

18. cat has your tongue__don`t know what to say_____________________

19. going bananas__going crazy _________________________

20. bury the hatchet__cover up________________________

Now that you are good at using idioms, keep an eye out for more as you continue reading The Phantom Tollbooth.

Essay #2 Phantom Tollbooth

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Please write 2 paragraphs….

What would have happened to Milo if Tock had not shown up in the Doldrums?  Would he have stayed there forever…

He would have stayed and did what the lethargarians did.He would have not known how to get out of the doldrums.Milo didn`t know what to think of lethargarians at first and then got used to then as the day went on.

If Tock hadn`t come,Milo would be stuck in the doldrums intill someone like Tock came to tell him to use his imagenation.I bet Milo was very glad to get out of the doldrums.If Tock hadn`t come I bet Milo would be stuck in the doldrums with the lethargarians still.

Study Questions for Phantom Tollbooth

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Why is Milo so bored before he goes to the Lands Beyond?     Milo is bored because he thinks that the journey is pointless.  

What is the meaning of Faintly Macabre’s story?   It`s meaning is to get Milo ecited for the journey.

Why does the Humbug come along on Milo’s journey?  He comes along because he wants to take credit for the idea.

Why does Milo fail at conducting Chroma’s orchestra?   He fails because he dosen`t know how to conduct the orchestra.

Essay #1 Phantom Tollbooth

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Please write 2 paragraphs….

What lessons could the Soundkeeper learn from Dischord and Dynne?

The soundkeeper could learn that  loud noises aren`t all bad.From taking away all the sound from the silent valley,no one is able to talk.They have to write averything they want to say.

She could also learn that silance isn`t the only answer to every problem that pops up.Silance is good for some things but not all of them.silance is good for when your anoyed,but no all the time.sometimes peopleneed to talk to each other.

Phantom Tollbooth: Chapters 5 to 8 Homework

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Phantom Tollbooth Guide

Lesson 4: Guided Reading: Chapters 5-8


An idiom is a phrase which has a different meaning from the meaning of its separate words. Idioms are expressions we use to convey a certain meaning or idea. Idioms have an “understood” meaning rather than an actual or literal one.

Here is an example. When we say that it is “raining cats and dogs” what we are really saying is that is it raining very hard. That is the meaning we are trying to convey. We don’t mean that cats and dogs are actually falling from the sky. So the “real” meaning of those words isn’t what we are really saying – we are using the non-literal, or the idiom meaning to let someone else know how hard the rain is!

Idioms make our language colorful and expressive, but they can often be challenging as well. In this lesson, think about both the literal, or real meaning, as well as the non-literal meaning of idioms.

Think about these idioms. Do you know what they mean?

You took the words right out of my mouth.

I’m all ears.

I’m going to hit the books.

You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Let’s take a look at each one. When you say “You took the words right out of my mouth” did someone actually take words out of your mouth? No, that idiom means that someone said just what you were thinking or wanting to say.

When you say “I’m all ears” are you literally covered with ears? No, that idiom means that you are listening very carefully.

If you “hit the books” do you really, physically hit them? No, that idiom means that you are going to study hard or really spend time with the books.

When someone says you are “making a mountain out of a molehill” does that mean you are building a mountain where a molehill was? No, that idiom means that you are making something much more important than it actually is or blowing something out of proportion.

Look here: for a detailed list of idioms.

Now, skim through the story and record as many idioms as you can in 5 minutes below. Ready – go!

Don`t bite off more then you can chew. In one ear and out the other. If it isn`t one thing its the other. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. You don`t have to bite my head of.

Those are some idioms that I found in the book.

Review: Chapters 5 to 8

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To get ready for your next reading assignment, think about the characters that you’ve met in the story so far. If you need to remember who they are – take a moment to review the story. You may also want to keep a list of the characters as you read.

Write the names of the characters you have met here:The Whether Man,The Lethargarians,Milo,Tock(the watch dog),The gateman,King Azaz,The Duke of Definition,The Minister of Meaning,The Earl of Essence,The Count of Connotation,The Undersecretary of Understanding,The spelling Bee and The Humbug.

Here is your next assignment: Read Chapters 9 through 12.

2 to 5 Words that have a completely different meaning in Chapter 3 and 4 of The Phantom Tollbooth

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nonsense , ridiculous , fantastic , absurd & bosh

vocabulary in chapters 1-4 of The Phantom Tollbooth

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1. turnpike & tollbooth    A turnpike is a tollgate & a tollbooth is a booth where you collect tolls.

2. lethargic , expectation & doldrums     Lethargic means of,pertaining to,or affected with lethargy,drowsy,sluggish;expectation is the act or state of expecting & doldrums means a dull,listless,depressed mood,low spirits.

3&4. quagmire , flabbergast & upholstery    Quagmire means anything soft or flabby;flabbergast means to overcome with suprise and bewilderment,astound & upholstery means the materials used to cushion and covr furniture.

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